7 Creative Candy Fundraiser Ideas for Your Next School or Group Event

This is perfect for organizations that have a lot of outdoorsy, thrill-seeking constituents. Be sure to provide compensation for transportation if your base site is a distance away. Most of us don’t have our own private jets as a means of transportation, but many are curious to give it a try!
Hosting a training camp is a great way to test the strength and determination of the people in your community. Setting up an obstacle course and allowing donors to use it can be lots of fun. CauseVox helps you raise more with less effort, whether you’re running an in-person event or a virtual raffle.
These types of fundraisers are perfect for commemorative walkways, staircases, and archways. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas help pay for the structure while allowing people to leave their mark. In a typical fun run fundraiser, participants gather in a central location to follow a predetermined path for their run.
Include this educational idea in your strategy to raise money with your next fundraiser. Since you are organizing the fundraiser in a school environment, try to keep the food as healthy as possible. This means no deep-frying, minimal oil, and a focus on vegetables and fruit. Sell tickets to this event day; this can also be a great way to raise money. Have them accept to do an outrageous dare if students manage to reach a specific fundraising goal. What could be more enticing to a high school student than a day off?
Charge a fee for admission and be sure to offer plenty of super-themed activities. Provide each participant with a Grow-a-Beard Challenge t-shirt branded to your organization, and encourage them to post about their beard-growing journey on social media. If women make up a large portion of your supporter base, consider hosting a girls’ night out at your facility or a local bar or restaurant. Set it up as a one day event at your facility where supporters can come and try out different mattresses and make their purchases. Pet grooming is an excellent way to raise money for animal-related causes. Pet owners will jump at the chance to support your cause in return for a well-groomed pet.
Make sure you don’t leave out any key demographics as you plan fundraising events by offering something for everyone. Have them fundraise a specific amount of money to get their teacher or principal “locked” inside the school for the duration of one period. High school fundraising ideas like this one can easily add to the fun and more students would love to join in. Charge a small amount and organize a fun night of food and drinks for your students’ parents.
If you’re trying to generate awareness for your brand, calendar printing is great because they offer year-round brand exposure. You certainly don’t want to run out of color at your color run! Depending on the number of stations, it’s recommended that you have half to one full pound of powder per participant. For example, consider offering a “reverse prize” for the owner of the ball farthest from the hole. Make sure your offerings are varied enough in price that you can draw in donors at every level. Whether its just a phone-snapped short video or professionally produced, making video a key part of your recruitment efforts is important.