Virtual Fundraiser Ideas for Schools fundraiser companies for schools

Recent years have proven that not every fundraising idea has to be held in person. Some of them can be held online, making them more accessible to those who wouldn’t be able to come to a fair, fête, or any other type of fundraising event in person. If you think you’re more likely to get a bigger crowd and bring in more money by making your idea virtual, you might consider trying these for some online fundraising:

Easy Fundraising

One of the first online things you might try is Easy Fundraising. By signing up with this organisation, you’ll get a commission when parents shop online through one of your dedicated links. Shop with over 2,000 retailers and raise money for your school at the same time! 

All you’ll need to do is register your cause so that people can select it on the Easy Fundraising website, along with the retailer they want to shop with. The retailer will then donate up to 15% of the purchase to the selected cause – in this case, your fundraising event. fundraiser companies for schools

Your School Lottery

A really quick and easy way to raise money for your school online is to start a lottery through Your School Lottery. This organisation offers to run a lottery on your school’s behalf. It’s free to sign up and your school will receive 40% of all the funds taken from it each week. It’s also easily monitored, and you can promote it in your school, as well as send it out as a letter or email to parents and guardians. Tickets for the lottery cost £1 per week and there will be a guaranteed cash winner.

Virtual Quizzing

Quizzes are held just as effectively online as they are in person! You don’t even need too much planning, beyond setting up a Zoom call, getting the questions ready, and making sure you have a list of all the teams taking part. If you want to draw in an even bigger crowd, you can even choose to host a quiz both virtually and in person, so no one misses out. Tickets for the event can be the price of a drink, like you might see in a typical pub quiz.

Virtual Fitness Challenges

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, and if it also means getting a little bit healthier at the same time, then all the better! By hosting a virtual fitness challenge, you can do both. This might mean setting your class a goal of collectively running 100km over the course of a month, for example, and get friends and family to sponsor them. You could then offer a prize to the pupil who runs the most and raises the most amount of money.

Setting up your pupils so that they hold individual fundraisers will make the process a little bit easier for you (you don’t know all the friends and family they could get to donate, after all). But you might want to think about making a tally for your classroom so you can keep an eye on the scores on a week-by-week basis.

Hosting a Gameathon

A lot of kids love to play video games, and are good at playing video games. If you’ve got a day to host a fundraising event, why not consider making at least part of it a gameathon where pupils compete at their favourite video games? You can decide which games they use and which consoles these will be played on, and you can have friends, parents, and guardians pay to watch on a livestream. It’s also a great way to get a load of kids playing together at once, when they might not have otherwise.